I’m J.A. (Justin Andrew) Childress. I’m an author of fantasy, horror, young adult, speculative fiction, mystery, and steampunk novels, novellas, short stories, micro fiction, and poems.  I’m also an artist of cartoony nonsense and weird abstract stuff with lots of blues and reds.  Oh, and this is my website.

I studied English literature and creative writing at Arizona State University, where I was one of the first to graduate from their pilot creative writing program.  I’m currently enrolling at an online university to complete my MA in English.

I reside in South Korea (that’s the one where Gangnam Style comes from), just outside of Seoul and teach English at a University.  It’s pretty sweet because I get more time off than I did working as a teacher back in the States, which means I get to write and draw more (and maybe also watch more movies and play more video games)!

To date, I’ve written 3 full books, published two of them, completed NaNoWriMo twice, started a half dozen other novels, penned a dozen short stories or so, and back in 2003-2004, published about 7 different webcomics.  I’m currently still writing, and am the author and artist of two online interactive story games (The City of Time and more to come later!).

My goal is to someday make a living off my writing, to do it as my full time job, and to entertain loads of people with my stories.  Hopefully, if you’re reading this, you’re one of those people.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.