Homicidal Aliens are Invading and All I Got is This Stat Menu-Anya was normal but then this description happened that will summarize things


The Steam Punk TrilogyThe Steam Punk Trilogy tells the story of Yulo Izquendes in his quest to free his homeland from the oppression and bigotry of the Empire.  Disguised as the vigilante Steam Punk, Yulo must battle against cooked Imperial politicians, underground criminal organizations, secret societies, otherworldly demons, mechanical crooks, and more.  As Yulo’s fight against injustice escalates, so to do the risks; not only to himself, but to those he loves and his entire country.


The Spectre Society Files– Nestor Klein always liked world mythology: stories of mummies, dragons, old gods, fallen angels, and ancient cities.  But he knew them to be just mythology, and nothing more, until he discovers and is initiated into the Spectre Society: a secret organization that monitors and polices supernatural activity across the world.