News #3

From Brooklyn Boards, an on-line community:

TonyBaloney: Death count from Prospect Park is up to 4: 3 cops and 1 bystander.
AJC1987: omg that’s crazy
Bushwicked: My friend is with the coroner’s office and he was there last night, and he told me it looks like somebody set off some kind of bomb or rocket near the Ravine. Could have set the whole park on fire.
AJC1987: Terrorists?
TonyBaloney: Dunno why they’d try and hit Prospect Park at night. Not exactly a lot going on there at that hour.
Mumbus_The_Chumbus: Could of been a test two see if there bombs work n stuff??????
TonyBaloney: Horrible grammar aside, Mumbus could have a point.
Bushwicked: Friend overheard cops and Feds talking. No signs of IED or other bomb-type shit. He saw the dead bodies too: no signs of gunshot wounds or bladed weapons, and they didn’t even get singed by the explosions or any shrapnel. One of them had their face melted off or some shit.
TonyBaloney: Are you serious?
Bushwicked: Yeah
AJC1987: What killed them?
Bushwicked: Dunno. He just said they were real fucked up, but didn’t know how they got that way. He just bagged them up once CSI or whoever took pics and stuff.
AJC1987: It’s so crazy. I heard there was another possible terrorist attack in Miami last night too. Some people killed in some kind of chemical attack or something.
TonyBaloney: I heard about that too. And there’s news about some big explosion outside LA. Something’s going on.
Mumbus_the_Chumbus: my grammer is grate

From The Miami Herald:

Last night at some time after midnight, three people identified as Mark Gregory (37), Lupe Martinez (52), and Gavin McDougal (21) were found at the corner of Cadima and Salzedo, dead from what Captain Delgado of the Miami PD is calling “an as of yet unknown chemical substance.” The victims were found by a local resident who wished to remain anonymous.

“My dog had been barking at something around midnight, and then I heard noises from outside. Awful noises, like screams, or some kind of animal. I looked out my window and saw three people in the street, blood everywhere. It was like a nightmare,” the resident said.

Police cordoned off the area and evacuated the neighborhood, fearing that some trace chemical elements might still be in the area. When asked what evidence they had to suggest a chemical attack, Captain Delgado said that investigations were ongoing and he would have a statement prepared soon.

On the possibility that this could have been a terrorist attack, Delgado said, “We are looking into that.”

From Manish’s Mumbai, a blog (translated from Hindi):

Hey everybody, gonna take a break from the usual behind-the-scenes stuff I usually post about working in Bollywood, possibly to ruin my reputation forever as somebody who is sane and rational. This also has nothing to do with movies, sorry.

Last night I saw about thirty people get killed by a moving traffic light.

I’ll upload the video later, but it’s a mess and I’m trying to clean it up. But it wasn’t a gang with machetes like the news is saying. It was a traffic light with metal whips or something that chased people down the street and cut them apart.
I saw it from my window. At first it was just five people, but others came out to see what the noise was, or stuck their heads out their window, or turned their lights on in their apartments, and the traffic light killed them. It was late and I had my lights off, so I don’t think it saw me, which is probably why I’m still alive.

I’ll post the video later. I swear I’m not crazy. I’m gonna see if any survivors in my neighborhood saw anything.

From Voices From Suwon, an internet chat room (translated from Korean):

BigHONG: I saw a real superhero last night
SeoulU: like IronMan? ㅇ_ㅇ
BigHONG: They looked more like Super Man or other Golden Age American heroes.
Sweetstory0001: Golden Age?
SeoulU: It’s a time period during which a certain type of hero was made in comic books, I think. Super Man is the most famous example.
Sweetstory0001: Was it cosplay? Is there a con in Suwon?
BigHONG: No, he was actually flying. He stopped outside my 15th floor apartment and saluted me before flying away.
Sweetstory0001: ~_~
SeoulU: ㅋ_ㅋ
Moderator: This isn’t the room for sharing fanfiction. Please keep discussions about factual events in Suwon.
BigHONG: But it really happened and I’m freaking out ㅠㅠ

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