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From The Guardian:

It has been confirmed that a nuclear missile is responsible for the massive explosion just outside Minsk that occurred on Monday night. Death toll estimates range from 10,000 up to over 175,000 or more in the wake of the attack, with many more expected due to injury and nuclear fallout.

Key members of the government could not be reached for comment, and it is unknown if they were victims of the attack, or are merely being sequestered for safety until more information comes to light. Much of Europe has already responded with emergency services and medical aide, and evacuation procedures are in effect for areas within Belarus and beyond its borders regarding the fallout.

Many have turned to Russia as a possible culprit, but Press Secretary Sergei Sokolov has denied any involvement in the attack.

“This monstrous act was neither planned, supported, or known by the Russian government,” Sokolov said in a press briefing following the attack early Tuesday morning. “However, a nuclear strike so close to our borders is not something we will be willing to overlook. Whoever was responsible for this foolish, cowardly attack will face the full might of the Russian military, and we will be considering responding in kind.”

All other NPT-designated nuclear weapon states across the globe have denied any knowledge or involvement in the attack. Other states possessing or suspected to possess nuclear weapons have likewise denied attacking Belarus.
When asked if it were possible the nuclear attack was a result of a weapon left behind following the transfer of all nuclear weapons to Russia in 1996, Sokolov replied, “Absolutely not.”

From Helsingin Sanomat (Translated from Finnish):

36 patients in the Cancer ward of Helsinki University Hospital went to sleep Sunday night with uncertain futures. On Monday morning, they awoke with their cancer gone, as if it had never been. Daily check-ups confirmed the absence of any and all cancerous growths, even in several Stage-4 patients.

“It is a miracle,” Eida Koskinen, 54, said after her tenth examination to confirm the absence of her Stage-4 lung cancer. “Yesterday I could not breathe without pain, now, it’s like I have the lungs of a teenager.”

“It wasn’t just those in the cancer ward,” said Dr. Harkonen, director of HUS. “It was everybody with a terminal or incurable disease. HIV, Leukemia, AIDS, just gone. In one night. We’re keeping all 106 cases here for observation and some testing, but the exams show that they’re all perfectly, impossibly healthy.”

When asked how or why this could have happened, Dr. Harkonen said he did not have any comment.

A nurse spoke under the condition on anonymity.

“There’s some footage on the security tapes of a tall man in a long coat coming in last night around one in the morning. I spoke to him, but it was strange. I don’t remember anything specific he told me, just feeling that it was going to be okay. He went to every room for a few seconds, then left. He gave several small boxes to the different nurse stations. They were all full of different vials, pills, and such, and a note to test them or call several of the top pharmeceutical companies around Europe for confirmation that they were cures.”

When asked what the medicine was a cure for, the nurse replied, “Everything.”

Multiple members of the HUS staff shared similar stories, also under the condition of remaining anonymous.

“No comment,” Dr. Harkonen said again when asked about any strange visitors to the hospital.

UPDATE: Multiple hospitals and Hospices in Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark have all reported similar occurrences, including that of a “tall man in a coat with boxes full of medicine,” that could not be identified.

UPDATE: A similar story is circulating in Thailand, though eye-witnesses report a woman and not a man delivering packages full of medicine and stopping in patient rooms.

From The Daily Telegraph:

Several photos and video of a large creature emerging from the waves of Bondi Beach have appeared online. Many posters have dubbed the creature “Shark-Man.” Videos show a towering humanoid figure with a broad head and gray-white skin stepping out of the waves at night alongside two much shorter men carrying surfboards.

At first dismissed as a hoax for being dark and too blurry, additional pictures and video have surfaced over the last several days of what one blogger called “a bipedal shark monster, or guy in a really awesome costume.” Daytime video clearly shows a tall humanoid figure with a tail, a fin, two legs and arms, and a very shark-like countenance running into the ocean. Further video shows a fully developed Great White Shark swimming away from the shore, and still other videos show the Shark-Man figure exiting the water hours later.

“It’s clearly all just a hoax or a game,” local Officer Bruce Taylor said. “Somebody with a nice costume or too much time in a video editor making waves, no pun intended.”

Others say it’s genuine. Frank Lee, of Dover Heights says he saw the Shark-Man walk onto the beach, and even spoke to him.

“If that’s a costume it’s the best costume I’ve ever seen. It looked too real though, way too real. And he spoke to me! He said he’d come for fishing after his friends told him they couldn’t afford to feed him any more and he smoked all of their weed. I’ll tell you one thing, he’s definitely an Aussie. Called me a and then drank all my beer.”

From Oni-Chan (鬼ちゃん), an online message and image board, sub-board /B/ (Bots & Mecha):

40483921: mecha-in-rio.webm
25729107: What movie is this?
72503877: Not a movie. Real. Sauce: worldnews.com/brazil/0187382837382
25729107: No fucking way.
40483921: I couldn’t believe it either, but I speak Portuguese and all the local news, all the forums, all the blogs, all the social media, it’s all about this thing. Shitload of pics and video. No way it’s fake.
11176393: It’s on the news now. I must’ve missed it with all the shit happening in Belarus.
56484439: Russia sounds like they wanna nuke somebody bad.
26823008: Man, fuck Russia. They probably did it to stir shit up.
40483921: Excuse me. GIANT. ROBOT.
72503877: It looks like it has missile pods on the side or something.
25729107: Did it blow up the city?
40483921: Nope. There was some kinda terrorist attack or something, lots of explosions, then this thing showed up and cleaned up the mess and flew off.
25729107: Anybody else think all this shit happening over the last few days has been kinda weird?
67292144: “Kinda.” It’s the fucking apocalypse you brainlet

From Corriere della Sera (Translated from Italian)

Antonio Cancio, head of the international investment firm Cancio Investments, was found by family yesterday morning in his living room, dead. Seven members of his security staff were also found dead at the scene, and the home was heavily vandalized.

“He had been nailed to the wall and skinned,” his nephew, Lorenzo Cancio, told the press. “What kind of person would do this? He did nothing. He gave to charity.”

Antonio Cancio was one of many named in the internationally famous Panama Papers released in 2015 that detailed numerous instances of tax evasion, fraud, and similar crimes. When asked if they thought this crime was politically motivated, Lorenzo replied, “No, my uncle was a good man.”

Antonio Cancio is the seventh person in the last few days between Spain and Italy to have been murdered and has also appeared in the Panama Papers.

Agent Gabriele Iadanza of Interpol addressed the public at a press meeting following news of the Cancio murder. “We are investigating the recent deaths of high-profile CEOs and political figures, and any connections they may have with each other. As we are in the middle of an active investigation, I am unable to reveal any details, but we will be alerting the press and the public with any information we can.”

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