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Hello!  I’m glad you’re here!  If you have questions about what this part of the site is, how it’s a game, how you play, what’s going on, etc, this will hopefully help you out!

Okay. What’s all this then?

This is going to be my attempt to create an interactive visual adventure game that you can participate in.

A game?  How do I participate?

It’s not like a videogame.  If you’ve ever seen MS Paint Adventures, Ruby Quest, or Prequel, you’ll have an idea how this works.

If you haven’t, it’s pretty simple: I will draw pictures of dubious quality that feature characters in situations.  You will comment in the comment area below the pictures instructing the character what do.  For example, if you see a character standing in a room with a window and a door, you might comment, “Open the window to let some air in.”  Then, in the next update, I will draw the character opening the window.  Easy!

Sometimes there might be more than one PC (Player Character).  Let’s say there are two PCs: Alex and Chris.  If you want Alex to do an action, just write out “As Alex: Open the window.  As Chris: Open the door.”  or otherwise indicate which character you want to perform which action.

If you’re still unsure how to contribute to the comments section with character actions, just watch other folks or check out previous updates and look at the GRAY boxes.  The GRAY boxes are player actions, while the RED boxes are either story narration or dialogue.

Can I post things besides character actions?  Also, can I tell the character to do anything?

You can totally just talk or comment about whatever is going on in the game, theorize about events with other posters, whatever.  Not every comment has to be you telling the character to do something.
The only restrictions on comments or action suggestions for the character that aren’t okay or that will be deleted/ignored are pretty obvious: No hate speech, no spam, no telling the characters to do anything overtly obscene or X-Rated.

What’s the update schedule like?

Ideally, the minimum will never drop to less than once a week.  I’m really gonna try my best to stick to that schedule.  I won’t lie, this game has had a sporadic update schedule, but here’s hoping that’s in the past.

Anything else I should know?

If you see typing ((like this)) that’s me speaking, not the game narrator, FYI.
1. Whoever the PC is at the time is a character in their own right. They have likes, dislikes, personality quirks and emotions. They will not blindly do as you command all the time. You can absolutely influence their actions and drive the course of the story, but a PC will never do anything completely against their character (a pacifist character will not, for instance, commit senseless murder). However, given the right circumstances and proper incentive/convincing/whatever, they might do just about anything.

2. Not every room has an immediate purpose. This is a story as well as a game. Some rooms and areas offer tools to help you advance. Others offer clues. Some may only be there to tell a story, or raise a question.

3. Not every single object you find has a specific purpose. I’m trying to stay away from “Adventure Game Moon Logic,” as Yahtzee calls it (however, in the loose planning stages, I’m already tripping all over it, so yeah <:I ). If you find a piece of lint, it’s probably not the secret to unlocking the final boss’s weakness. It’s likely just a piece of lint.

4. What you know and what the PC knows do not always coincide! The PC has memories about his/her life that you do not. You can and will see/observe things the PC does not. Feel free to ask the PC questions.

5. The PCs are NOT invincible. They CAN die permanently. If I manage to stick with this thing, I’d rather you get to the GOOD END+ instead of the BAD END– But it wouldn’t be exciting if there weren’t any real danger.

Why aren’t there comments on things prior to the end of part 4?

Prior to part 4, this game was posted on a private forum, with both the comments and the updates themselves posted in a single thread.  As of the end of part 4, I transferred everything over to this website (which took For-EVER), and made it easier to find and comment on for non-forum members.