CoT 4001

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MUSIC: Questioning Mr. Raw

You ((Shreya)) practically jump out of your skin but manage not to scream. You and Zak both grip each other’s hand and slowly turn to see the nightmarish figure of Mr. Raw looming over you in the pathetic flickering light of Zak’s match.

Mr. Raw blows the candle out with a simple *puff!* of his enormous mouth and once again plunges the room into darkness, but only for an instant. You hear the snap of fingers, and then there is a red candle on the table, flickering away, and Mr. Raw is seated in his huge armchair.

Mr. Raw: “Please, sit. No need to stand on formality, or your feet. I suspect you’ll be wanting them for running, later. For all the good it will do you.”

Your legs feel like jelly anyway and you sort of collapse onto one of the stools. Zak follows your example and you both sit, facing Mr. Raw.

Mr. Raw: Now, you two know the deal. Three questions are given to each wayward visitor who enter the Mayor’s fine City. I’m obligated to not lie, in my role as Guide. So, ask away. Shreya? How about we go ladies first. I assure you, this is the only time I’ll be chivalrous.

All right. Go time. You’ve worked as a paralegal for years, so you’re familiar with exact, precise language.

What is your first question, and how will you phrase it?