CoT 4003

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>Ask: What are the rules you and I must each abide by in this city?__

Shreya: “What are the rules you and I must each abide by in this city?”

Mr. Raw: “Ugh. The Rules.”

This is the first time Mr. Raw has dropped that creepy grin of his. says the last word like it’s a slur and you see the mouths in the palms of his skeletal hands gnash their teeth and lash their tongues.

Mr. Raw: I must speak the truth. I cannot act against residents unless acted upon, or until the XIIIth hour. I must answer any three questions a resident may ask at any time after the IIIrd bell. I may not harm or obstruct my kin from their duties. I may not directly obstruct residents from the Mayor. I Must follow the wishes of the Mayor. I must accept the City as my Anchor. I am forbidden to die while in service to the Mayor.

Mr. Raw clears his throat and smirks.

Mr. Raw: You two have a relatively simple list of rules to follow: Don’t obstruct the Guide. Once within the City, you may not leave without the Mayor’s say-so. And you are forbidden to die. I LOVE that last one. I mean, you have NO idea. Hoo!

All right, that was dull. NEXT!

What is your final question ((from Shreya))?