CoT 4005

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>Save our questions for later. __

You and Shreya exchange a look. She keeps her mouth closed and gives a slight shake of her head, indicating that she doesn’t wish to ask another question. Given what Mr. Raw said, it sounds like you can question him later. you decide that you’d like to hold onto your two remaining questions.

Zak: “I’m going to save my last two questions for later.”

Shreya: “And I’ll hold onto my one.”

Mr. Raw frowns.

Mr. Raw: “Clever little boots, aren’t you? The last one who saved her questions was…oh I think it was seventy years ago. She’s one of the faces on my wall now. I used up the rest of her until there was nothing left but blood and echoes. She thought she was so smart. But she wound up just like alllllll the rest.”

Mr. Raw: “And you will too.”

The candle is whiffed out and the room plunges into darkness. You feel Mr. Raw’s breath on your face as he laughs hysterically, hear the squeaking of his chair as if he were rocking back and forth in it with glee, then silence.

The lights come back on.

Mr. Raw and the candle are gone. The door leading back out into the hallway is open once again.

What now?