CoT 4007

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>Get down to the “customs” area on the first floor__

You and Shreya make your way out of Mr. Raw’s office and all the way back down to the first floor area marked “Customs” on your map. The door is still held shut by a chain with its ends welded together.

>As Shreya: Have Zak use the hacksaw Shreya took on the chains, and she can keep a look out for any nastiness that might’ve woken up after the most recent bells__

Shreya:  “I got the hacksaw from Mr. Raw’s secret room. Do you think you could saw through these chains? I’m pretty sure you’re stronger than I am. I’ll keep an eye out while you do that.”

Zak:  “No problem!”

You are now Shreya.  You stand out in the hallway and keep your eyes and ears open while Zak goes at the chain with a will. At first all you hear is the steady *Zzzhh! Zzzhh! Zzzhh!* of the hacksaw on the chains, but after a few minutes, you become aware o another sound. It’s unclear what it is, but it’s coming from around the corner to the left. It sounds like…ticking? Clicking? Something like that.

What now?