CoT 4008

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>Check our inventories!__

You recall what is in yours and Zak’s inventory:

You have ((from left to right, top to bottom)): An iPhone5, a military style flashlight, a Swiss Army Knife, some kind of dental hook, a butcher’s knife, a bottle of vodka, a notepad from the Hotel Durmont, a plunger, a charcoal pencil, a bit of strong metal hanging wire, rope, and a vial of what you’re fairly certain is blood.

Zak has:

A flashlight and spare batteries, an alarm clock (currently reading 3:00 AM), three Spartan condoms, a 2010 day planner and ballpoint pen, a hacksaw (currently in use), some Korean cigarettes, a carving knife and a small magnet that you have stuck to the side of it, 0.95 cents in change, two paper clips, fried chicken in a plastic bag, a piece of notebook paper, rope and eleven matches.

>Peek around the corner__

Zak is almost done sawing through the chain and you peek around the corner to see if you can locate what is making the sound, which sounds like something hard or metallic on the stone floor.

You peer down the hallway and see nothing but the closed doors. Then, the door at the far end of the hall slowly creaks open…

oh no

The lights flicker and then dim significantly as some red horror, similar but different than the one that chased you in the forest, slinks out from the behind the door. It moves with eerie grace, bobbing its head like a bird’s as it takes long, slow strides forward, its black talons clicking on the floor before it touches the rug, muffling its steps.

You steal a quick glance at it and then jerk yourself back behind the corner. You don’t think it saw you. You can hear it scratching at the doorway leading up to the second floor, and then hear it’s clicking footsteps leave the rug and go into the stairwell.

Behind you is the quiet sound of Zak continuing to saw, almost done. The chains give a gentle *clink clink* noise as Zak’s movements shake them, but the red thing’s footsteps are far louder.

What now?