CoT 4010

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>Grab the chain, get Zak and get out of there. Use the chain and Shreya’s metal wire to lock the door while Zak holds it shut__

You grab the chain Zak cut on the floor as you dash outside and hiss a warning to Zak.

Shreya: “Just run!”

Whether Zak finally starts to hear the menacing footsteps approaching from the left or if he just decides the horror-struck expression on your face is enough, he hurries after you and closes the door.  There isn’t much here outside. The door doesn’t lock from this side.

MUSIC: better hurry

You decide to loop the chains around the handles instead of running since you’ve seen how quick these red things are and doubt you’d get far in a straightaway like the road behind you. You securely loop the severed chain through the handles, then ready the hanging wire to put it through the unsevered links to secure the doors when you hear Zak gasp beside you as he holds the door closed.

Zak: “Oh shit! Shreya!”

The creature is banging against the door, and while it isn’t superhumanly strong, you can tell Zak won’t be able to hold the door closed much longer. Finally, you manage to tie a simple, tight knot, and grab Zak’s sleeve as you back away quickly, just as the creature hammers against the door again.

You scream and you feel your heart stop for a second, waiting to see if the makeshift lock will hold.

It does.

The creature bangs against the door several more times, and you hear its muffled, angry rasping from within. It stays there for a long while, glaring at you with its sockets and the glowing, baleful red symbol. Thick ropes of veins writhe beneath its translucent bloody flesh, whipping through its body like electrified serpents. It raises its thin fingers to the reinforced glass panes and scratches its black talons across the surface. After a few more moments of it just standing there, glaring at you, it turns, and leaves.

Zak: “Holy fucking SHIT I swear to God I’m gonna puke.”

What now?