CoT 4011

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>Head away from the Immigration building we just left, maybe have Zak check on Shreya and vice-versa __

You are now Zak.  You and Shreya both turn away from the Immigration Office and the thing(s) inside and wend your way down the road before you. Neither the shadow nor the symbol react to you in any way, or show signs of movement or activity. The tree is rather sickly and dead looking, though it still maintains its leaves (though these appear brittle and old). There’s another tree further in the distance, close to the edge of the abyss, but it doesn’t appear notable in any way. This tree doesn’t either, really, and is really only worth mentioning as the sole landmark before the large wall not far beyond it, that stretches on until it merges with the edges of buildings and then away into the mist.

You notice that Shreya seems especially shaken after the close encounter with that red thing. (though you’re certainly not doing so hot yourself either) You’ve both been quiet as you’ve walked, so you decide to see how she’s doing.

Zak: “Hey. How ya holding up?”

Shreya: “Not so great. That’s the second time one of those things has almost…killed me. I mean…I’m assuming they’ve been trying to kill me. They certainly don’t seem like they’re just chasing us to try and talk.”

Zak: “I’m going to keep operating under that assumption as well. Is that it?”

Shreya: “No. I wish. I thought…I thought things would start to make sense by now. Like when you wake up in a hotel or some place unfamiliar and there’s a few seconds of disorientation but then your brain snaps things in place and you remember. I still don’t remember stuff and I still don’t know what’s going on, or even where this is. I was just hoping things would have made sense by now. I just feel more lost and freaked out than I did when I woke up in my car. And Every time that bell tolls I get the sensation that something is coming, or something is about to happen or…ugh, it’s making me sick.”

Zak: “Yeah.”

Shreya: “I don’t suppose you’re doing any better?”

Zak: “No, you just about summed it up. Crazy shadows and skull monsters and continuing amnesia and the pervasive feeling of impending doom.”

You try a weak smile. Shreya doesn’t smile back, but she doesn’t look as bad as she did a second ago.

Zak: “It helps not having to go through this shit alone.”

Shreya: “You said it.”

Shreya takes your hand and squeezes it for a moment.

>You know, now is as good a time as any for Zak and Shreya to just take a breather and chat for a bit to… yknow, get to know each other a little better. Dead though it is, that tree makes for a slightly less dismal setting then the rest of the city…__

Zak: “I could use a minute, if you don’t mind.”

Shreya: “No, it’s fine. Me too. It just seems like it’s been one thing after another. God, I’m hungry. It seems dumb to say that in the middle of all this but I’d kill for a sandwich.”

Zak: “I have some fried chicken in a baggy. Want that?”

Shreya: “I’m vegetarian. If we can’t find anything else, I may take you up on that though.”

Zak: “I’ll keep my eyes open for non-meaty things then.”

Shreya: “Thank you, Zak.”

She smiles at you and you both lapse into silence for a moment as you cast wary glances around the area. No immediate danger. After a while, Shreya speaks up again.

Shreya: “Have you gotten any more of your memories back? About…whatever bad thing happened?”

Zak: “No. No more progress. I haven’t been thinking about it much lately, though. Not since we went up to the second floor in the immigration office.”

Shreya: “Yeah. Been a while for me too. I kinda don’t want to. I know it’s bad, that it’s awful but…I feel like it’s important. It was taken. That’s what it feels like. Not that I just forgot, but that somebody took it.”

You think about this for a moment and decide you agree. This isn’t mere absent-mindedness or being forgetful. Someone got into your head (either literally or metaphorically, though you’re guessing the latter since you don’t have any lobotomy scars or anything) and took the memory. Though for what purpose and how, you have no clue.

Zak: “I know what you mean. It doesn’t feel natural. Well ,look, if you remember first, and it’s really that bad, I’m here for you.”

Shreya smiles at you.

Shreya: “Same.”

You feel quite a bit better, getting that out there.

What now?