CoT 4012

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>Continue onward toward that wall__

You and Shreya continue on until you approach a rather large, ancient looking wall with a single gate in it.

The wall stretches away a fair bit, until it bends and turns into a broken section that intersects it. The broken section slopes downwards, but is still much too high to scale by yourself.

Grass and weeds sprout from the cracks in the wall. In some of the lower cracks, rolled and wadded up pieces of paper have been stuffed in so deeply and tightly that their number is impossible to guess. Hundreds? Thousands? They all look like they’ve been written on as well.

The gate has the symbol of the eye drawn on it, looks to be made of metal, and has thirteen metal nodules on it. No handles of any sort. The eye symbol is drawn over the crack of the door, whatever was used to paint it filling in the crack, keeping it unbroken.

What now?