CoT 4013

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>Examine the door with the bumps, and the wall.  Look in the cracks and read one of the notes. __

You examine the door and the nodules. The nodules appear to just be metallic decoration. Then do not move, or do anything when you press them, turn them, or otherwise prod at them. They’re just decorative lumps on the door. The door itself gives a little bit, and rattles, but it’s clearly locked from the other side. There’s no way you could force this door open with anything less than a lightsaber or an industrial blowtorch or something.

The wall to the right ((going to the right side of the panel)) is a straight shot down, down down, and much too high up to consider climbing. The broken wall that intersects the larger wall is also too high to reach on by yourself. The place where the wall tapers downward ((slightly left of panel center)) is beyond your ability to reach unaided.

You take a moment to look at the scraps of paper. You withdraw one. It’s written in…Yiddish? Hebrew? something like that. You put it back and take another. Arabic. You take another. Hebrew. Most of them are in Hebrew or Arabic, but you eventually find one in English.


If you are there God, you are as useful as the empty spaces between these stones. Damn you.

If you are not there, then damn me for believing in lies, and damn this wasted life.

Either way, let it be over. Let it end.

You replace the note where you found it, and notice something else as you do.  A skull has been disturbed and rolled forward due to your disturbance of the papers within one of the larger fissures in the wall.

The skull just lies there, but the now familiar symbol glares brightly.

You ignore it for now and examine a few more papers. Nothing really old. The English is modern English. A few of the papers are even typed. Nothing like hieroglyphics though.

The clock above the door is pointing at the “III.” It isn’t moving or ticking or anything.

>Write a note to stick in the wall with the others. Knock on the door to see how solid it is.__

Zak: “Do you have any paper?”

Shreya: “Yeah. Why?”

Zak: “Figure I’d leave a note too.”

Shreya shrugs and hands you a pad of paper with “THE DURMONT” written at the top. You scribble in a quick note with your pen.

You place the note into one of the cracks. You doubt God or whoever will help you out.
Nothing happens when you put the note in the crack, so you decide to try checking out the door.

The door makes a solid, metal noise, confirming your observation that the door is sturdy and metallic. Aside from this, nothing happens. There is no response from the other side, or any hint of the door opening. The red symbol continues to glare at you.

Shreya: “Nice try. I don’t think we’re gonna be going in that way unless one us can figure out how to do our best Spider-Man impersonation and climb this huge wall.”

What now?