CoT 4015

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>Inspect the upside down castle/city as best you can, then tie your rope around one of the pieces of rebar and throw it down to Zak__

The upside-down city (Palace? Castle? Unlike the actual city below it, the upside-down structure appears to have some kind of theme to all of its buildings, as if it was all designed by the same architect. Still, you’re not sure any word for a single structure fits here), is too far away and it’s difficult to make out any specific details beyond the general style and shape of the buildings. There appears to be some kind of bridge-like structure circling the entire thing, and it has multiple bridges or catwalks connecting the multitude of towers. None of them appear to be duplicates of the Golden Gate or any other bridge you’re familiar with.

You feel your knees get a bit weak and slide down to rest, reaching out and grabbing a piece of what looks like steel rebar sticking out of the stone blocks for balance.

Zak: “You okay up there? See anything?”

Shreya: “Y-yeah! I’m okay, just….wow. It’s…there’s a lot to see, Zak. I’m gonna toss you a rope!”

You tie the rope securely around one of the largest pieces of protruding rebar, and toss it down to Zak.

Zak manages to clamber up the rope , though not without considerable effort. That suit he’s in might look good on him, but it’s definitely not “suited” to physical exertion.

Zak: “Jesus Christ.”

Shreya: “Yeah. About my reaction.”

You and Zak stare silently at the cityscape and you make a crude mental map of the area immediately in front of you.   You then move rope to hang over the other side and of the wall and climb down.

You and Zak descend the rope one at a time, until you come to the end and drop the short distance to the stairs, then descend onto the street. The rope behind you is still low enough that if you climb the stairs, you can climb back up it if need be, or try the door from this side if you want to go back.

You’re between some kind of thatched house and an adobe building that looks like an Old West style bar or cantina of some sort.

The street also stretches ahead of you, empty and quiet.

What now?