CoT 4016

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>That saloon looks like trouble. Check the hut.__

You and Zak enter the hut.

It’s dark in here, but the doorless entry lets in enough light for you to see by. It’s rather crude, with the furniture consisting entirely of logs of various sizes, a rough-woven rug of reeds, and some kind of coarse material stuffed with straw acting as a bed. The only “convenience” appears to be some kind of clay oven against the back wall. The oven has been poorly incorporated with the adobe walls to form a sort of vent for smoke, but you can see it crumbling at the seams from here.

There are paintings on the back wall, some in black, others in red. the red paintings look newer, less faded and scuffed. On the “table” are a series of what you hope are ragged, dried animal skins somebody has tried to scrawl on. There’s another log, upright, against the back wall. Its top has been smoothed down into a bowl shape and a round stone featuring the glowing red symbol rests within it.

What now?