CoT 4017

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>Look at the scribble/painting on the table a bit more closely.__

You study the various crude drawings

>Look in the oven, also examine the bowl and glowing stone . __

You examine the oven and the bowl/pedestal with the rock in it.

The oven is made from solid clay, unlike the rest of the hut which is adobe. The builder has attempted to crudely fuse the back of the oven with the wall to allow smoke out the back in a crude chimney, and they mostly succeeded, but the seal looks weak and brittle, like a single good hard shove might break it. There’s nothing of interest within the oven itself: just logs and some grass for kindling.

The wooden pedestal with the bowl-shaped top is likewise unremarkable but for what it is holding: a single, round stone about the size of your fist. The red symbol has been painted on, and it glares at you, bright crimson within the hut’s murky interior. Your eyes water and sting as you look at it, and are forced to turn away. Aside from the sigil, the stone appears to be just a stone.

What now?